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Update on Bail Reform in Colorado:

Next Steps?

By Maureen Cain, Colorado Criminal Defense Institute
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Upcoming Clinics

do You Have 

Juvenile Only Clinics have been schedule for the 2020 season and will be held in the Denver front range only.

Do You Have:

  • An arrest without a conviction
  • Drug or Juvenile conviction
  • To register due to a sex offense

Clinic Info & Process:

  • Pre-apply for the clinic for faster service
  • All others first come first served - Limited capacity for walk-ins
  • Assistance for pro se filing to seal your case. You are responsible for ALL court costs
  • Assessment for Colorado deregistration followed by pro bono services IF eligible
  • Metro area cases only from:  Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, Douglas and Jefferson Counties
  • NO Out-of-State cases | NO DUI or Driving offenses | NO other Legal Issues

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